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What are the Main Features of Microsoft PowerPoint?
1. Start With a Built-in Layout. There are really two directions you can go when you're building out a new slide in Microsoft PowerPoint: Design the slide from scratch, dropping in individual placeholder boxes one after another, adding them one by one until you've got a slide.
2. Use Slide Master View to Update Designs Consistently. Most of my favorite PowerPoint features not only save time, but also ensure that slides are consistent.
3. Use Someone Else's Presentation as a Starting Point. Picasso is credited for having said, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." There's nothing wrong with using the hard work of others to build a great presentation.
4. Rearrange Slides for Effectiveness. Most presentations can become markedly better in just a few seconds by simply rethinking the order that your slides are sequenced.
5. Follow the Guides. Earlier versions of PowerPoint made it somewhat difficult to align things consistently on a slide. Now, the guides that you'll see pop up as you drag and drop objects help ensure that your objects are nice and neat.
6. Set Slide Sizes. The key consideration when setting slide size is to consider the size of the screen you'll present on. Some different types of screen have slightly different aspect ratios.
7. Resize Multiple Objects. As I mentioned earlier, I think consistency in slides is important for maintaining a clean look. If you've got multiple images that need to be the same size, there's an easy feature for doing just that.
8. Clean Up Tables Quickly. Data tables in PowerPoint are one of the most effective ways to present data. They're easy for your viewer to quickly glance at and understand numbers with an easy row-column view.
9. Learn to Use SmartArt. Without a doubt, SmartArt is one of my favorite MS PowerPoint features. Think of this feature as the sweet spot between infographics and text-only diagrams.
10. Try a Theme Variant. What do you do when you get to the end of designing a presentation, and it just doesn't feel right? The easiest solution might be to try a new variant.

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What is MS PowerPoint? Introduction, Features & Uses

Marketing – In the field of marketing, PowerPoint presentations can be extremely important. Using graphs and charts, numbers can be shown more evidently and clearly which may be ignored by the viewer if being read Business – To invite investors or to show the increase or decrease in profits, MS PowerPoint can be used

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Microsoft PowerPoint features SlideShare

“PowerPoint is a presentation program that can create beautiful slideshows with text, images, audio and video, and it is also the program that is used if we have to make transparencies for the overhead projector.” PowerPoint is a complete presentation Graphics package. It gives everything that we need to produce a professional-looking presentation.

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PowerPoint vs Keynote: Which Is The Best Presentation

PowerPoint vs Keynote: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Key Features. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, PowerPoint has a lot of features that aren’t found in Keynote (or other presentation apps). So, in this section, we’ll compare apples to apples (pun intended) and evaluate these 2 apps based on some similar, key features. · Formatting options. PowerPoint: …

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Persuasive Writing PowerPoint (teacher made)

The PowerPoint contains the features of persuasive writing, examples of persuasive texts, and a list of the most common types of persuasive writing that we encounter every day. Being able to spot persuasive texts means that learners can think more critically as they grow. Read More What do members download after viewing this?

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Ultimate Key Features PowerPoint Template Presentation

Choose this Key Features PowerPoint Template to explain more complex topics easily. You can add the main title in a circular shape to engage the audience's focus. Add your key features simply with the stripes given with value-rich icons. The vibrant multi-colors of this template will effectively grab the audience's attention. The dazzling design could make a possible change …

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Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Simplify and limit the number of words on each screen. Use key phrases and include only essential information. Limit punctuation and avoid putting words in all-capital letters. Empty space on the slide will enhance readability. Use contrasting colors for text and background. Light text on a dark background is best.

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Key Features of Graphs Mrs. Nettles Math

F-IF.4: Interpret key features of graphs, tables, and verbal descriptions in context to describe functions that arise in applications relating two quantities to include periodicity and discontinuities. Domain and Range of Graphs. When identifying domain and range from a graph, you will write your answer as an _____ Domain (from _____ to _____) Smallest x-value to largest x-value. …

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PowerPoint Shortcut Keys Overview and Examples

PowerPoint shortcut keys help users to use the functions of PowerPoint with more efficiency. Much like Excel shortcut keys , they allow users to keep hands on the keyboard and do tasks faster. For example, Ctrl + D let users duplicate slides without having to use their mouse. Making slides shortcuts Insert a new slide: CTRL + SHIFT + M

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9 Google Slides features we wish PowerPoint had BrightCarbon

PowerPoint does have built-in functionality for voice typing speaker notes, however – at present – only Office 365 subscribers can access this feature. If you want to access this functionality without paying for it, Google Slides offers the …

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24 basics to know if you use Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s Presenter View lets you output your slides to a projector or large screen, and still use a laptop or a secondary monitor to see an overview of the slides and any of your accompanying notes at the same time. To activate it, tick the relevant box under the Slide Show tab. Make sure the “Show on:” dropdown is set to the audience’s display, so your notes …

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Fiction vs NonFiction PowerPoint Presentation Primary

Inside this resource, you will find nine beautifully illustrated slides containing features of fiction vs non-fiction texts and key examples of where and how they can spot them, alongside fun facts and activities to engage your students. A PowerPoint like this is a great way to introduce the topic to your learners, and can help to open a lesson on style, instantly engaging your class. It can

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 10 key microsoft powerpoint features to make better?

10 Key Microsoft PowerPoint Features (To Make Better Presentations) 1. Start With a Built-in Layout. Design the slide from scratch, dropping in individual placeholder boxes one after... 2. Use Slide Master View to Update Designs Consistently. Most of my favorite PowerPoint features not only save ...

What are the design features of powerpoint?

The design features of PowerPoint allow you to customize the appearance and format of the slides. PowerPoint typically comes with a set of preloaded themes for you to choose from. These can range from simple color changes to complete format layouts with accompanying font text. Themes can be applied through the whole presentation or a single slide.

What is a powerpoint presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation comprising slides and other features is also known as PPT. Gradually, with each version, the program was more creative and more interactive. Various other features were added in PowerPoint which massively increased the requirement and use of this MS Office program.

How to make an effective powerpoint presentation?

The key to success is to make certain your slideshow is a visual aid and not a visual distraction. Tips for Making Effective PowerPoint Presentations Use the slide master feature to create a consistent and simple design template.

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